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Are microfibres the King of cleaning cloths?

What is a microfibre cloth?

This is a manufactured cloth with millions of fibres woven tightly together. These fibres work like the analogy, 'many hands make light work', so too, these fibres or 'fingers' attach themselves to microscopic dirt particles - where other cloths simply cannot!

May the force be with you - a microfibre cloth has a static electric charge that attracts even the smallest invisible, particle of dirt!

Fun Facts!

  • MORE EFFECTIVE THAN BLEACH- microfiber towels have shown to be 98.9 percent effective in removing bacteria, while conventional towels used with bleach are only 92 percent effective!

  • A recent study investing ability of microfibre cloths in removing contaminants in a hospital setting found that, 'the performance improved at 75 washes, and reduced after 150 washes, although, in most instances, performance after 150 washes was better than at first wash.'

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