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How To Clean Window Tracks in your Brisbane Home

STEP 1: Vacuum out any large particles. You can get accessories to assist with getting into small nooks and crannies.

STEP 2: You will need a baby wipe or damp microfibre cloth and a flat head screwdriver. Jam the microfibre or baby wipe into the track. With the screwdriver cushioned by the baby wipe/microfibre, slide along the track. When you reach the end of the track, remove the screw driver and slowly remove the cloth with the debris. Caution: to avoid scratching the track coating ensure no direct contact with screwdriver and track.

Repeat STEP 2 until the track is clean. Finally, you may wipe the track with a dry microfibre to remove any remaining debris or moisture.

There is no need to use chemicals or spray bottle domestic cleaners!

A good microfibre with its inbuilt fibres and capillary action cleaning power were designed to be used without chemicals to lift dirt, oil and grime with ease!

In our next article we will discuss the mystery of microfibre - friend or foe?!

If you would like to see this technique in action - why not book in one of our Window Cleaning Professionals. We include track cleaning as part of our Standard Window Cleaning Service.

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