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How to wash your home exterior - pressure or soft wash?

There are two ways to wash your home: by pressure washing or soft washing.

Lets define both:

SOFT-WASHING - This involves applying a biodegradable detergent to the side of your home at low pressure. This can be applied using a 12v pump or a pressure washer with low pressure nozzles. The detergent removes mould, algae, pollen, dirt, moss, lichen and other pollutants. The detergent is then rinsed off at low pressure.

HIGH PRESSURE WASHING - As in the name this method involves removing dirt with high pressure.

Which method is best for your home?

Its all about pressure! Softwashing is done at low pressure. High Pressure washing utilises high pressure, generally in excess of 500 PSI.

WE RECOMMEND using the softwash method as it removes pollutants without damaging your paint or masonry. Using this method to keep your exterior surfaces clean and can extend the life of your paint or masonry. See the photographs below of our incredible results in using this method!

High Pressure on the other hand evokes images of lifting off paint, blowing windows seals and causing other damage to your external walls.

High pressure washing has its place, in combination with a commercial Surface Cleaner (whirl-a-way) tool in cleaning concrete surfaces like driveways.

Homes in the Greater Brisbane area have different exterior finishes: Brick, blockwork & an array of cladding from timber to man-made composites. Each has a recommended method of cleaning.

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